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Hair Transplant Techniques

TDF Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation with TDF (Two Days Fue) Method TDF (Two Days Fue) method is the current technology used in hair transplantation. In this method, men with...

Sedated Hair Transplant

Sedated Hair Transplant Anesthesia methods developed to ensure that the patient has a worry-free, painless and trouble-free hair transplant procedure constitute a very important part...

DHI Hair Transplant

Hair Treatments

Hair Laser

What is a hair laser? Hair is the most important aesthetic accessory for both women and men. The structure and shape of our hair is very...

IV Supported Hair Treatment | Hair Transplant

What is IV Nutritions supported hair transplant treatment? It is the right of every person to have healthy and lush hair and to feel good. However,...

Hair Treatments